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Rawalpindi: DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar has said that foreign forces are helping ISIL to gain a foothold in Pakistan.

According to details, DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar while giving an important press briefing said that the purpose of the press conference is to review the security and other situation in the country.

Security challenges

Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar said that apart from security challenges in 2020, epidemics like Locust Corona created problems. On the one hand, India’s LOC was being violated. The national institutions, the forces of Pakistan and the people united to face the situation.

The DG ISPR said that the overall security situation has improved a lot. We have always pointed out the internal and external threats of coordinated measures to secure the Pak-Afghan-Iran border and successfully countered them.

Operation Redalfsad

He said that there is no organized terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan today. Under Operation Redalfsad, 371,000 operations were carried out in the last three years and illegal arms and ammunition were largely eliminated.

Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar said that today all the tribal areas have become part of KP. Compared to 2019, there was a 45% reduction in terrorist incidents in 2020. Security agencies foiled more than 50% terrorist incidents. Pakistan ranked sixth in crime index in 2013. Was number one and in 2020 Pakistan is number 103 in the crime index.

Pak-Afghan border and Pak-Iran border

DG ISPR said that more than 83% work on 2611 km Pak-Afghan border has been completed while more than 37% work on Pak-Iran border has been completed and it is hoped that the foundation will be completed in next one year. ۔

Rising Indian provocations on the eastern border

He further said that India had the highest number of ceasefire violations in 2019. Indian ceasefire violations had caused the most damage in 2018. Indian provocations on the eastern border, especially the LoC, had increased. The Army always responded to Indian violations and kept the Army Chief informed about the Fifth Generation Hybrid War.

Successful war on terror

He said that in 20 years, Pakistan had successfully fought the war on terror and more than 18,000 terrorists had been eliminated. Meanwhile, more than 1,200 operations had eliminated all types of terrorist organizations. India had tried unsuccessfully to invade in February 2019. For international peace, more than 1,100 al-Qaeda terrorists have been captured and killed.

He said that India has intensified provocations on the eastern border. Occupied Kashmir has the worst lockdown in the history of a year and a half. All the evidence related to India has been presented before the international courts and the world. The fake network was run by Shrivastava Group. The fake network also included fake NGOs. These fake NGOs used to hold anti-Pakistan events in different cities of the world while fake news outlets and fake media groups were also involved.

He said that India had been carrying out propaganda through fake media websites for 15 years. All other fake news through Indian news agency ANI went viral on the media. If the 15-year-old campaign is reviewed, Pakistan’s reputation will be badly damaged. False propaganda was made regarding affected minority women
He said that anti-Pakistan propaganda was carried out at the highest level of propaganda as per the Disinfolibe report. There is no doubt that the fake network had Indian backing. According to Eudos Infolibe, 1 to 6 scale. But there is no doubt that all this is being done with the backing of the Indian state while the Indian aggression on the Kashmir front has been hidden.

He said that KP and Balochistan in particular have been victims of terrorism but now development projects are underway in both the provinces. Enemy forces have been on the verge of disturbing law and order in Balochistan for some time now we are in the process of blood and transfer. 199 development projects are underway in Balochistan while work has started on 883 projects in KP tribal districts at a cost of Rs. 31 million.
He further said that in the last one year, Corona as a nation has competed with wisdom and prudence. Despite limited resources, Pakistan has given full response through NCOC. All front line workers in Corona epidemic deserve tribute.

Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar thanked the Pakistani media and said that the media
During Corona, he served the public interest beyond interest and the Pakistani media also informed the nation about the problems facing Pakistan during the challenges.
He said that we are on the right track and will always be. The Army Chief will visit Quetta this week. There is not a single inch where there is no state writ. Earlier our focus was on FATA. All major operations have been completed there.

He said that Balochistan is a very large area of ​​44% of Pakistan. The capacity of FC in Balochistan has been enhanced and a special security division has been formed in Gwadar. The threat has not been completely eradicated but the situation is under control. For this we had presented a dossier, the main target of which was Balochistan.
Balochistan needs a lot of resources for security

Earlier, Balochistan was seen as an FC quarter. Now, with regard to the security of Balochistan, the number has been increased. The security of Balochistan is being further strengthened. Balochistan is the future of Pakistan.

The army is doing its job and is also making sacrifices. If there is truth and weight in the allegations, then the response is given. They do not want to get involved in the allegations. ۔

The fence on the Pak-Afghan border has been erected for security. The fence on the border has not been erected by the army. The government of Pakistan has erected a fence on the Pak-Afghan border.
“Enemy forces are busy defeating us. I don’t understand why Maulana Pindi came. If he wants to come, we will give him tea and water,” he added.

The Pakistan Army has given a full response to India on the provocations. We are always ready to give a full response to every aggression of India. The evidence given inside the dossier cannot be denied. It is no longer possible for India to deny this.
Organized terror infrastructure is not on the ground but the fence is not complete yet. Police training has been conducted in the tribal areas. Pakistan and Iran have always cooperated on security issues.
He said that foreign forces were helping ISIS to gain a foothold in Pakistan and were investigating every aspect of EUD infiltration.

The journalist questioned how the Pakistan Army sees the talk of a bloody revolution, to which the DG ISPR said that the efforts to spread chaos are not new. We have always been making such efforts but the Pakistani nation has never allowed this divisive effort to go ahead. All these efforts will not reach any place wherever they are going.

I will not talk too much about relations with the United States. This is the domain of the Foreign Office. We have a positive attitude towards military-military relations.
He said that there is no end to what India is doing in Kashmir. Organizations all over the world are watching what India is doing. As far as India’s threats are concerned, we are always ready. We have the technology that India wants to get. is also.


The 43rd anniversary of the famous poet, comedian Ibn Ansha.

Lahore: 43 years have passed since the death of Ibn Ansha, a prominent Urdu poet and comedian. His poetry still captivates readers and listeners.
Ibn Insha was born on June 15, 1927 in a village on the outskirts of Jalandhar. Ibn Insha’s real name was Sher Muhammad Khan and Insha was his nickname. Acquired. He did BA from Punjab University in 1946 and MA from Karachi University in 1953. Ibn Insha’ar was a comedian as well as a columnist. He used to write light humorous columns in other newspapers including Imrooz and Akhbar Jahan.
He was appointed Director of the National Book Council in 1962. He was also the Vice Chairman of the Tokyo Book Development Program and a member of the Central Board of Directors of the Asian Cooperation Program Tokyo. Ibn Ansha also served in Radio Pakistan and the Ministry of Culture.

He wrote a number of ghazals, but his most popular was the ghazal recorded for a PTV program, “Inshaa ji, get up, now coach, what to do in this city”. His collections of words include “Chand Nazar”, “In this alley of this town” and “Dil Wahshi” including “If you walk, go to China”, “Diary of a wanderer”, “The last book of Urdu”, “The world is round” “,” The Pursuit of Ibn Battuta “and” The Gambling of Wheat. “

This shining star of Urdu literature passed away on January 11, 1978 at the age of 50. Ibn Insha’s last travelogue “Nagri Nagri Pharmasafar” was published many years after his death.