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ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali has died at the age of 76.

According to details, Zafarullah Khan Jamali was shifted to a hospital in Islamabad a few days ago due to ill health where he could not recover.
Doctors had transferred Zafarullah Khan Jamali on a ventilator three days ago.

It may be recalled that Zafarullah Jamali was rushed to hospital in critical condition on November 29 after a heart attack. Three days ago, a rumor of his demise was spread, on which President Arif Alvi sent condolences via tweet and then apologized.

The president had said that he had spoken to Zafarullah Khan Jamali’s son who confirmed that his father was still alive and had been transferred to Vanity Fair.

Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali’s journey of life

Zafarullah Khan Jamali was born on January 1, 1944 in Rojhan Jamali area of ​​Balochistan and received his early education from this. Later he completed his further education from Government College University, Lahore and HS College, Lahore. He was fluent in Punjabi and Pashto.

Zafarullah Khan Jamali was first elected to the National Assembly in 1985, then in 1999 he was appointed General Secretary of the PML-Q.

He was sworn in as the country’s first Prime Minister on November 21, 2002, and continued to serve as Prime Minister until 2004. On June 26, 2004, Zafarullah Khan Jamali resigned as Prime Minister.
Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali was a renowned politician as well as an excellent sportsman. He was not only keen on volleyball, cricket and hockey but was also known as a good player in all three sports. He was also the President of Pakistan Hockey Federation from 2006 to 2008.


Gilgit: Prime Minister Imran Khan has made important decisions for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to details, addressing the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected cabinet members of Gilgit-Baltistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan also announced to start health card in Gilgit and said that they will work on the provincial status of Gilgit-Baltistan immediately. Baltistan’s sense of deprivation will be removed.

He said that in case of illness, poor families face difficulties. He is bringing health insurance for the people of entire Gilgit-Baltistan. One million per family will be able to go to any hospital for treatment. We will emphasize that there is a revolution of tourists in GB. Hotels are full.

He said that unfortunately due to Corona, this year tourists could not come so much. In GB, they stay in Pakistani hotels from Europe and UK. They will provide cheap loans to build rest rooms with houses. A meeting was held with the company delegation.
The delegation of the Austrian company said that scanning can be done in our highlands for 87 months. If the scanning is increased, tourists will come to Pakistan even in winter with summer.

In his address, the Prime Minister said that there is a plan to set up 300 MW power projects for Gilgit-Baltistan. Two hydropower plants are being set up. PCs of two projects have been prepared and two more power plants have been approved which will increase the number of Special Economic Zones to six. All facilities are required for

Imran Khan said that the government will form the first special economic zones for Gilgit-Baltistan. My vision is to uplift the lower class. God bless the state which does not take care of the weaker class. Gilgit-Baltistan is trying to uplift the tribal areas and Balochistan. It is very important for any leader to have qualities like Sadiq and Amin.

criticizing the opposition, he said.
I have been watching Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif for 40 years. I have seen the punishment of Allah coming on both of them. Yesterday you had to see the pressure. Has seen Ishaq Dar lying. If Ishaq Dar did not have a heart problem, he should have done it too.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the Discipline Rules 2020 to improve the performance of civil servants.

According to the details, the new Discipline Rules 2020 are aimed at improving the performance of civil servants and making departmental accountability transparent. To expedite the process of departmental accountability, the status of competent officer was abolished. Under the Civil Servants Rules, only the Authority or Inquiry Officer will now be on the committee.

This process will solve the problem of giving minor punishments by the competent officer at the lower level.

Under the new rules, timelines were set for each phase. By law, allegations must be answered within 10 to 15 days. The inquiry committee or officer has set a time limit of 60 days to complete the proceedings.

Under the Civil Servants Rules 2020, the case must be decided by the authority within 30 days. The authority will provide justice and a personal hearing on the allegations.

An important step by the government to end political interference in the civil service

Plebiscite and voluntary returns were also included in the category of corruption. The new rules include delays in the provision of records and delays by departmental representatives. In addition, there are laws on suspended deputation leave and scholarships for officers.