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The first Governor of Pakistan and President of Pakistan Sikandar Mirza

Skand was the great grandson of Mirza Mir Jafar. His great-grandfather Mir Jafar had betrayed Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah and paved the way for the victory of the British.
He was educated at Finston College, Bombay.
He entered the Royal Military College Sandhurst during his college life.
Successfully returned to India in 1919.
In 1921 he joined the 2nd Scottish Rifle Regiment at Kohat and fought in Khudadad Khel.
Participated in the battle of Waziristan in 1924.
From 1922 to 1924 he was in the Poona Horse Regiment with Jhansi as its headquarters.
Elected to the Indian Political Service in 1926 and served as Assistant Commissioner in Abbottabad, Bannu, Nowshera and Tank.
From 1931 to 1936 he was Deputy Commissioner in Hazara and Mardan.
In 1938, political agents were appointed in Khyber. Due to his administrative ability and experience in tribal affairs, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar in 1940.
Stayed here until 1945.
Then they were transferred to Orissa.
In 1942, he was appointed Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Defense, Government of India.
After the formation of Pakistan, Sikandar Mirza became the first Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Pakistan
In May 1954, he was made the Governor of East Pakistan.
Then he became the Home Minister.
State and tribal departments were also handed over to him.
Malik Ghulam Mohammad’s health deteriorated
He became the acting governor on August 6, 1955.
On March 5, 1956, he was elected the first President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
On March 23, 1956, he assumed the office of President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Due to the political crisis, on October 7, 1958, the first nationwide martial law was enacted.
Twenty days later, on October 27, 1958, Chief Martial Law Administrator Field Marshal Ayub Khan dismissed him and deported him, after which Sikandar Mirza spent the rest of his life in London.
After the overthrow of Ayub Khan, Sikandar Mirza tried to return home but he was not allowed to do so.
He died in London on November 13, 1969, his 17th birthday.
On November 15, 1969, he was buried in Tehran with full state honors.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken important decisions in view of increasing cases of corona virus

According to details, a meeting of the National Coordination Committee on Corona was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan in which the current situation and steps of Corona were reviewed.

The Prime Minister canceled the public meeting in Rashkai on November 21 in view of the increasing cases of Corona virus.

The decision to cancel was taken on the recommendation of the NCOC. The NCOC had recommended not to hold public rallies.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan was to attend the inauguration ceremony of the economic zone in Rashkai.

It was informed in the briefing that the rate of positive cases in Pakistan increased by more than 3%. In the first week of October, the rate of positive cases was 1.6%. In November, the rate of positive cases reached 5%.

The briefing further said that the death rate from Corona has also increased and the number has entered double figures.


Lahore Qalandars reach final, Multan Sultans defeated

Karachi: In the second element of PSL Five, Lahore Qalandars defeated Multan Sultans by 25 runs to reach the final.

According to details, Lahore Qalandars defeated Multan Sultans by 25 runs in the second element played at the National Stadium in Karachi to reach the final. Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings will compete in the final on November 17.

Multan Sultans team piled up 157 runs in the pursuit of 183 runs, even half a century of Laith could not save Multan Sultans from defeat.

Opener Zeeshan Ashraf returned to the pavilion with 12 runs, Laith played an innings of 50 runs, Shaun Masood scored 27 runs and became the target of Dilbar Hussain, Ravi Bopara made a run.

Shahid Afridi was bowled cleanly by Haris Rauf at zero, Sohail Tanveer scored three runs, Khushdal Shah scored 30 runs and Shaheen Shah caught Hafeez off Afridi’s ball.

Harris Rauf and David Wise took three wickets each, while Shaheen Shah Afridi and Dilbar Hussain led two players to the pavilion.

Earlier, in the second elemental match of PSL Five, Lahore Qalandars scored 182 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in the stipulated overs and gave Multan Sultans a target of 183 runs to win. David Visay had played a lightning fast innings of 48 runs. ۔

Opener Fakhr Zaman played a responsible innings of 46 runs, Tamim Iqbal remained prominent by scoring 30 runs, captain Sohail Akhtar scored only 5 runs and became the target of Muhammad Ilyas.

Mohammad Hafeez scored 19 runs and caught the ball on the ball of Shahid Afridi, Ben Dunk was bowled by Shahid Afridi for 3 runs, Summit Patel was dismissed for 26 runs, David Visay played an unbeaten innings of 48 runs.

Shahid Afridi took two wickets for 18 runs in 4 overs, Junaid Khan, Sohail Tanveer and Muhammad Ilyas took one wicket each.

Earlier, in the second elemental match of PSL Five, Multan Sultans won the toss and invited Lahore Qalandars to bat first.

Multan Sultans captain Shaun Masood said that he has decided to bowl first considering his team, they will try to bowl Lahore out for less runs.

Shaun Masood said that the match against Karachi Kings was played well but unfortunately it was lost in the super over.

Lahore Qalandars captain Sohail Akhtar said that they are trying to play and win like the last match, they will try to score 160 to 170 runs.


Biggest risk for those eager to eat more eggs.

New research in the world of medicine has warned that people who want to eat more eggs can suffer from a deadly disease such as diabetes.

Eggs are considered to be the most popular food for breakfast all over the world, but eating too many eggs can make you suffer from a serious disease like diabetes, the risk of attacking this deadly disease was recorded up to 60%.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the study was conducted in Australia, where the University of South Australia, in collaboration with China Medical University and the University of Qatar, observed the harms of eating more eggs.

Be sure to use eggs to prevent diabetes

The study, which looked at the effects of egg-eating in Chinese adults from 1991 to 2009, found that people who were accustomed to eating one or more eggs a day had a 60 percent increased risk of diabetes. Which is a deadly disease.

Researchers say that the rate of diabetes has increased in China, where the rate of diabetic patients has now reached 11%, which is more than the global average of 8.5%.

According to experts, this research analyzed the habit of eating eggs on a long-term basis and the risk of developing diabetes, which revealed that the risk of diabetes in Chinese adults increases by 25%.

Those who ate one or more eggs a day had a 60 percent increased risk of developing diabetes, and this proportion was higher in women than in men.


Unofficial results of Gilgit-Baltistan elections announced

Gilgit-Baltistan: Unconfirmed unofficial results of all 23 constituencies of Gilgit-Baltistan elections have been announced, according to which PTI won 9 seats while Independent candidate won 7 seats and PPP won 4 seats.
According to GNN, PTI overturned big towers in Gilgit-Baltistan elections, PTI has become the largest party by winning the most seats so far, according to officials, announced the unofficial results of all 23 constituencies of Gilgit-Baltistan elections. According to which PTI won 9 seats while Independent candidate won 7 seats and PPP won 4 seats. PML-N won 2 seats and Muttahida Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen won one seat.
GB 1 GB 1:
Amjad Hussain of PPP won from GB-1 Gilgit-1, Amjad Hussain won with 11178 votes while independent candidate Sultan Raees got 8356 votes.
GB 2 Gilgit 2:
PPP candidate Jamil Ahmed won from GB-2 Gilgit-2, Jamil Ahmed won with 8817 votes while Fatehullah Khan of PTI got 6607 votes.
GB 4 Nagar 1:
PPP candidate Ramjeed Hussain Advocate from GB4 Nagar 1 was successful, he got 4716 votes while independent candidate Nasir Mir got 4291 votes.
GB5 Nagar 2:
Independent candidate Javed Manwa from GB-5 Nagar 2 won with 2440 votes while independent candidate Zulfiqar Ali Murad came second with 2107 votes.
GB6 Hunza 1:
PTI candidate Obaidullah Baig from GB-6 Hunza-1 won with 5622 votes while independent candidate Noor Mohammad got 4584 votes.
GB7 Skardu 1:
From GB-7 Skardu 1, PPP was defeated by PTI. Former Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Mehdi Shah lost the election. Syed Mehdi Shah got 4114 votes while Raja Zakaria of PTI won with 5290 votes.
GB8 Skardu 2:
Mohammad Kazim of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen won from GB-8 Skardu 2 with 7534 votes while Mohammad Ali Shah of PPP came second with 7146 votes.
GB9 Skardu 3:
Independent candidate from GB-9 Skardu-3 Wazir Mohammad Saleem won with 6233 votes while PTI candidate former Speaker Fada Mohammad Nishad got 5068 votes.
GB 10 Skardu 4:
Independent candidate Nasir Ali Khan from GB-10 Skardu 4 won with 4841 votes while PTI’s Wazir Hassan got 3100 votes.
GB 11 Khurramang 1:
From GB-11 Khurramang 1, PTI candidate Syed Majid Zaidi won with 8775 votes while independent candidate Syed Mohsin Rizvi got 1631 votes.
GB 12 Sugar:
Raja Azam Khan of GB-12 Shigar PTI was successful, he got 9322 votes while Imran Nadeem of PPP got 7663 votes.
GB 13 Store 1:
PTI candidate Khalid Khurshid Khan from GB-13 Astor-1 won with 4836 votes while PML-N’s Rana Farman Ali got 3528 votes.
GB 14 Store 2:
PTI candidate Shamsul Haq Lone from GB-14 Astor-2 won with 5354 votes while PPP’s Dr Muzaffar Ali got 3479 votes.
GB 15 Diamer 1:
Independent candidate Haji Shah Baig from GB-15 Diamer-1 won with 3000 votes while independent candidate Muhammad Dilpazir got 2600 votes.
GB 16 Diamer 2:
Engineer Muhammad Anwar, a candidate of GB-16 Diamer-2 Sen League, was successful. He got 5300 votes while Atiqullah of PTI got 4700 votes.
GB 17 Diamer 3:
Haider Khan, the PTI candidate from GB-17 Diamer-3, won with 5389 votes while Rahmat Khaliq of JUI-F got 5162 votes.
GB 18 Diamer 4:
Gulbar Khan of PTI won from GB-18 Diamer-4. He got 6793 votes while independent candidate Malik Kifayatullah got 5986 votes.
GB 19 Ghzr 1:
Independent candidate Nawaz Khan Naji from GB-19 Ghazir-1 won with 6208 votes while Syed Jalal Shah of PPP got 4967 votes.
GB20 Ghzr 2:
PTI candidate Nazeer Ahmad from GB-20 Ghazir-2 won with 5582 votes while PML-Q’s Khan Akbar Khan got 3815 votes.
GB 21 Ghzr 3:
Ghulam Muhammad, the PML-N candidate from GB-21, won with 4334 votes while Mohammad Ayub Shah of PPP got 3430 votes.
GB 22 Structure 1:
Mushtaq Hussain, an independent candidate from GB-22, won with 6051 votes while Ibrahim Sanai of PTI came second with 4945 votes.
GB 23 Balls 2:
Haji Abdul Hameed, an independent candidate from GB-23, won with 3666 votes while Amna Ansari of PTI came second with 3296 votes.
GB 24 Structure 3:
Muhammad Ismail won from GB-24 Ghanche 3 with 6206 votes while Shamsuddin of PTI came second with 5361 votes.
On the other hand, the workers of political parties took to the streets after the victory in the Gilgit elections. As soon as the unconfirmed results were announced, the PTI workers celebrated the victory. Firing also continued. On the other hand, Jailas did not lag behind in celebrating. In Gilgit city, they also celebrated the victory of their candidates. Fireworks were also fired in the air. Slogans kept echoing in the streets late at night.

It may be recalled that despite the severe cold weather and snowfall in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Elections, a large number of voters took part in the voting process and exercised their franchise. The voting process started at 8 in the morning and continued till 5 in the evening without any break. According to the election rules and regulations, the people present in the polling stations were also allowed to cast their votes till 5 in the evening. According to the census, there are more than 700,000 registered voters in Gilgit-Baltistan, of which 1.5 million have become voters for the first time.