Turbat: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we are fortunate that China is our neighbor and Balochistan has Gwadar. Better relations with China will be a stepping stone for us.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the function said that Balochistan was lagging behind the rest of Pakistan. One of the reasons why the federation did not need Balochistan vote was in the federation because Sindh used to form the government from Punjab.

The Prime Minister said that unfortunately our political people have benefited their caste. A Prime Minister came who visited London more than Balochistan. A President also visited Dubai who visited Balochistan more than Balochistan.

China wants C-Pack to develop the western region

Imran Khan said that he did not come to Balochistan for political tour or to take votes. I believe that no nation develops until the weaker section is brought up. China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty in 30 years and has become a super power. The western region should be developed from the pack.

He said that no country can ever move forward when a small section of rich people are left behind. The purpose of coming here is not to announce plans and applaud. I want to take Balochistan to the top like the rest of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that the Chief Minister of Punjab is present in Balochistan today. I am happy that the Punjab government has invested in universities and hospitals. Those who take advantage of the deprivations of Balochistan are spreading chaos.

Imran Khan said that the first connectivity of Balochistan through C-Pack will be with China. The world sees that China will leave everyone behind. We are lucky that China is our neighbor and Balochistan has Gwadar.

Referring to China’s development, he said that China has ڈالر 2,000 billion in trade and Pakistan has barely 25 25 billion. Due to its excellent policies, China has become an economic power in the world today. Better relations with China have become a stepping stone for us. Will

Referring to the Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister said that the Corona virus has plagued the entire world at this time and the economic situation in India’s 73-year history has been severely affected.

Imran Khan said that when the government was formed, it was the biggest deficit and debt in the history of Pakistan. We were getting out of the difficulties that Corona came. Thank God, just as Pakistan came out of Corona, no one came out in the subcontinent.

Corona’s second round is coming

Referring to the increasing cases of Corona in the country, he said, “I tell the nation, we have to be very careful again. The second round of Corona is coming. People have to follow SOPs and wear masks. Corona came to the country for three months.” About 900 billion less taxes were collected.

New Pakistan Housing Scheme is also being introduced in Balochistan

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan has a young population and can benefit from the IT sector. It takes time to bring internet facility in remote areas of Balochistan. New Pakistan Housing Scheme is also being introduced in Balochistan. The government scheme is at 5% interest. Can make

For the first time in the last four months, Pakistan has not taken any loan. This is a great achievement

Imran Khan said that never so much money has been spent in Pakistan in Ehsas program. We have reduced our deficit. After 17 years, Pakistan has become surplus. For the first time in last 4 months, Pakistan has not taken any loan. This is a great achievement.

He further said that the sale of cement is on record, cars are selling motorcycles, the situation in India is such that today the economy has stagnated there. Despite all the difficulties, Allah has been gracious to us and the policies have been successful.