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Washington – Biden is the 46th president of the United States

Joe Biden won Pennsylvania with 284 electoral votes and was elected the 46th President of the United States.
According to US media, Biden’s victory over Pennsylvania garnered 273 electoral votes. Biden defeated President Trump and was elected the 46th President of the United States.
Kamala Harris elected first lady and first black vice president Kamala Harris has been a senator from California since 2017. Kamala Harris’ mother is an immigrant from India.
Kamala Harris has been to both the Baptist Church and the temple. Biden has previously served as vice president with President Barack Obama. Biden is also the longest-serving senator from Delaware.
US media say Biden won from Pennsylvania, but the results of the four states could increase the rest of the electoral vote. Biden’s electoral vote could reach 306 once the results in Georgia and Nevada are completed.
“I am proud that you have chosen me to lead our great country,” President-elect Joe Biden said in a message on the social networking site Twitter.
We will work hard, but I promise you that I will be president for all Americans, whether you vote for me or not, and I will live up to your trust.
Republican candidate Donald Trump has announced that he will challenge the election results in court. He says that the election results will be challenged in court next week.
We all know why Biden is claiming victory so quickly. His media colleagues are also helping Biden in this false claim. Incumbent President Donald Trump says these people do not want the truth to come out. The fact is that the election is far from over.


Open milk is unhealthy for citizens due to poor hygiene in dairy shops

Poor hygiene in dairy shops can lead to the spread of diseases Health experts say that the use of open milk due to flies and dirt can cause diseases because the owners do not take any steps for hygiene.

Health experts say that open milk and open sweets such as jalebi are an open invitation to spread germs to bees, while citizens say that buying open milk raises fears of diseases. Open milk does not contain nutrients while it is a mixture. Is done.
Citizens say shopkeepers should take significant steps to keep open milk safe.
It should be noted that 90% of the people in Pakistan use open milk which is a matter of concern. Except for a few countries, open milk is not sold all over the world. In most of the countries of the world, special care is taken in the sale of milk.

According to a recent economic survey, the country’s annual milk production is more than 50 billion liters, while 75% of the population does not have access to quality milk.
Contaminated water is mixed in open milk, various chemicals are added to thicken it, and no care is taken to check the quality of the milk.

If halal animal’s milk is not boiled in a few hours, the number of bacteria in it becomes so high that it deteriorates, so it has to be boiled immediately, after which if you keep it at normal temperature, it will be four. It spoils in six hours and if you cool it it spoils in eight to ten hours.

Similarly, to meet the shortage of supply and demand of milk, water is added to it, the quality of which cannot be said.

In addition, some cowherds inoculate their buffaloes with certain vaccines that give them faster and more milk, and these injections are dangerous to the health of both the animal and the user.

It is important to heat the milk immediately to check the quality of the milk bought from the market or a cow and to keep it safe for a long time. The purity of milk after heating is very easy to determine its purity.
If the remaining cream feels oily, know that the milk is pure. If it feels dry, it has been added to the milk.


Dollar and stock exchange weekly report released

KARACHI: The dollar fell by Rs 1.16 on the Interbank Foreign Exchange (IFEX) in a week while the 100 Index gained 843 points in a week.
The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) has released a weekly report on market fluctuations, according to which the 100 Index gained 843 points in one week and the 100 Index closed at 40731 at the end of the business week. 84 billion shares were traded while the weekly turnover of the market stood at Rs. 62 billion and the market capitalization increased by Rs. 137 billion to Rs. 7536 billion.

On the other hand, the weekly report of the dollar was also released. In a week, the dollar fell by Rs 1.16 at the interbank market and in a week, the dollar at the interbank market fell from 160.25 to close at Rs 159.09. Came to the lowest level of the month.
In a week, the dollar fell by 90 paise in the open market and in the open market, the dollar fell from 160.20 to 159.30 rupees.


Islamabad Corona’s second alarming wave, second phase of precautionary measures to be implemented in Pakistan from today

According to details, the second phase of precautionary measures announced by the National Command and Operations Center will be implemented from today due to the rapid spread of Corona in the second alarming wave of Corona in Pakistan.

The second phase of the precautionary measures will be implemented till January 31, 2021, which will ensure strict implementation of Corona SOPs across the country.

The second phase will be implemented in sensitive cities of Corona including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad and others.

In the second phase, the NCOC will implement the Gilgit-Baltistan model for face masks. Those who do not wear Gilgit-Baltistan-style masks will be fined Rs 100 while those who do not wear masks will be fined and provided three masks.

The work-from-home policy for government and private offices will also be implemented from today. 50% staff will be allowed in government and private offices.

Instructions have been issued to the four provinces for implementation of the second phase of precautionary measures. Smart lockdown will be implemented in the hotspot areas of Korona.

In the second phase, indoor wedding ceremonies will be banned, but the ban will take effect on November 20. Wedding ceremonies will be allowed to be held in the open air, and 1,000 guests will be able to attend the open-air wedding ceremony.