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Har Mujahid Captain Erbelo Faqir Ghazi

When Har Mujahid came for volunteer recruitment in the September 1965 war, the Commandant refused to recruit and said that
This boy is young and thin, so it will be difficult to handle a rifle. Erbelo Faqir was the son of a chief of his community.
Commander Sahib, idols do not fight, honor fights. You will get the news of the actions I will take on Indian Radio. The commander forcibly selected him and then what Ghazi had told the commander happened.
News began to be broadcast on Indian Radio Akashwani that the soldiers of Pakistani civil community Har Mujahideen have captured 2200 square miles of India. The entire battalion of Indian Army is under their control.

The number of Hur Mujahideen was very small but the courage of Pir Sahib Pagara due to his experience of guerrilla operations against the British and his knowledge of the area proved to be heavy on the Indian Army.
Erbelo Faqir said in a broadcast interview that
The Indian Army would have felt that we were outnumbered if we had been attacking five Mujahideen groups.
When asked:
How did you get food and weapons? Erbelo Faqir said
Food was not a concern and the weapons continued to be used by some of them and the rest of the Indian Army.
At the end of the war, at the ceremony, the world saw three figures sitting back in their seats with their medals, but the hall resounded with applause.
Medium Noor Jahan, MM Alam and Arbelo Faqir Ghazi
History shows that at that time only two conquerors were awarded the Star of Courage
MM Alam who could not buy a house for himself all his life.
And Erbelo Faqir Ghazi, who was never mentioned in the media as a national asset.
These were our anonymous heroes Ghazi and Shaheed
The winds of the homeland greet these conquerors and martyrs.


Prime Minister’s House, Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan fulfilling his promise

The Prime Minister further reduced the expenses of the House, after a record 68% reduction in expenses, the number of employees was reduced to 180.

According to details, the austerity drive of Prime Minister Imran Khan is underway. The expenses of the Prime Minister’s House have been reduced for the third consecutive year.

The Prime Minister further reduced the expenditure of the Prime Minister’s House as promised, the staff and expenses of the Prime Minister’s House were significantly reduced, the expenditure was reduced by a record 68% and the number of employees was reduced from 522 to 180.

In 2018, the Prime Minister’s House spent Rs 50.9 crore on expenditure while the present government has so far spent Rs 31.6 crore on the Prime Minister’s House.

On the other hand, Special Assistant Dr. Shahbaz Gul in his message on social networking site Twitter said that the Prime Minister has significantly reduced the staff and expenses of the Prime Minister’s House. The expenses have been reduced by 38%. After 180 people.
It is believed that instead of indulging in luxuries from the national treasury, the Prime Minister had made a history of trust and sense. It was learned that Prime Minister Imran Khan pays all the expenses of his residence out of his own pocket.

It was learned that the Prime Minister himself pays the salaries of the servants, the payment of bills and the expenses incurred on the security of the residence. The Prime Minister’s Office has also become a role model for savings. The number of employees in the office reached an all-time low. In one year, the Prime Minister’s Office saved more than 180 million rupees and returned it to the national treasury.

Even in foreign tours, Prime Minister Imran Khan is at the forefront of austerity and minimum spending. When Imran Khan went to Washington as Prime Minister, he completed his five-day visit for just 67 67,180.


What is the application fee for getting an easy loan of up to Rs. 10 million?

LAHORE: Punjab Minister for Industry and Commerce Aslam Iqbal has said that the Punjab Employment Revolutionary Scheme will be launched this month, application processing fee of Rs 2,000 and loan approval in 20 days.

According to details, a meeting of Small Industries Corporation was held under the chairmanship of Punjab Minister for Industry and Commerce Aslam Iqbal in which the features and rules and regulations of Punjab Employment Scheme were approved while 15,000 honorarium was awarded for a private member to attend a meeting. Also approved.

The Punjab Minister for Industry and Commerce said that the Punjab Employment Revolutionary Scheme would be launched this month, the application processing fee would be Rs 2,000 and the loan would be sanctioned in 20 days while the repayment period would be 2 to 5 years while the grace period would be 6 months.

Aslam Iqbal said that a scheme is being introduced to increase economic and business activities, under which an easy loan of up to Rs. 10 million can be obtained.

Usman Bazdar said that loans would be provided to new entrepreneurs for existing businesses, loans up to Rs 10 million could be taken under the scheme and eunuchs would also be able to avail the loan scheme while the mark-up for women has been kept low.

The Punjab Chief Minister while instructing to launch the Punjab Employment Scheme in the twentieth month had said that businesses affected due to Corona are now giving relief.