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Coriander is considered useful for digestive and bone diseases

Eating the best foods is an essential part of every person’s life, but food can be enjoyed only when there are no digestive problems, but if you use whole grains in your diet, you can avoid digestive disorders. Is.

On the other hand, bone diseases also cause severe problems in human beings. As we age, the bones of the human body become weaker, but green coriander is also very useful for bone diseases.

Medical experts have declared Haradhania to be beneficial for human health.

Experts say that the use of green coriander is not only very useful for diseases of the digestive system and bones, but it also prevents the level of cholesterol in the body from rising.


Facebook restricts message forwarding to five people at a time

Popular social networking site Facebook has restricted message forwarding, saying it would slow down the flow of harmful content.
According to the details, the social networking site Facebook has restricted messenger to forwarding messages to up to 5 people at a time. Facebook said in an official blog post that the ban was aimed at spreading viral misinformation and harmful content. It will slow down the pace that has the potential to harm the world. Facebook added that by limiting message forwarding, we will thwart the efforts of those who spread chaos. This decision is due to the corona virus and the coming Americans. , New Zealand and other countries in view of the election.
Commenting on the election, Facebook said that it would not allow any new political advertisements due to the upcoming elections in the United States. Stopped for fear of corona virus.


The third T20 between Australia and England will be played tomorrow

Southampton: The third T20 of the three-match T20 series between Australia and England will be played in Southampton tomorrow. Hosts England have a decisive 2-0 lead in the series.
Australia are on a tour of traditional rivals England for the three-match T20 and three-match ODI series, where the third T20 of the three-match T20 series between Australia and England will be played tomorrow in Southampton. Has a decisive lead of 0. The English team will be led by Anne Morgan, while Aaron Finch will lead the Kangaroos.
In the first match of the three-match T20 series, the English team defeated Australia by 2 runs after a thrilling contest, while in the second match, the English team defeated Australia by 6 wickets.
The three-match ODI series between England and Australia starts on September 11.


Air Force Day is being celebrated with national enthusiasm all over the country today

ISLAMABAD: Air Force Day is being observed across the country today (Monday) with national fervor, in memory of the veterans who defended the country’s airspace against Indian aggression in the 1965 war.
On the occasion of Air Force Day, a ceremony was held at the mausoleum of pilot officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed Nishan Haider in Karachi. Flowers were laid on his grave and Fateha was offered. A well-armed contingent of the Pakistan Air Force saluted. Air Officer Commanding Southern Air Command Abbas Ghman was the chief guest at the event. He visited the shrine of Rashid Minhas Shaheed, laid flowers and offered Fateha. Celebrations will be held across the country in this regard while programs related to September will be held at all the airports of the country in which all the forces and other agencies will participate.
The Pakistan Air Force is one of the top ten air forces in the world. In the 1965 war, brave Pakistani pilots, despite their limited resources, not only thwarted India’s air aggression but also humiliated India with their extraordinary fighting skills and bravery. Pakistan Air Force expert Muhammad Mahmood Alam, popularly known as Jawaim M Alam, shot down five Indian Air Force fighter jets in less than a minute, a record to date.


Creating a conducive environment for investors is a priority: Hafeez Sheikh

KARACHI: Finance Advisor Abdul Hafeez Sheikh has said that providing a conducive environment for investors in the country is the top priority of the government.
According to details, speaking at the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi this morning, Finance Advisor Hafeez Sheikh said that Pakistan Stock Exchange is the fourth largest market in the world in terms of performance, no country can develop without trade and investment with other countries. Economic indicators have turned positive due to government policies and we will work together to improve the economy. The issuance of 200 billion sukuk bonds is a big step forward.
“We want to give autonomy to the institutions. The budget has been increased despite the reduction in government expenditure,” he said. The government is subsidizing electricity, gas, tube wells and fertilizers. Ninety percent of gas consumers are being offered discounts on conventions. The financial adviser has asked the business community to find new markets for their products and use innovative ways to grow their business. He said that in case of non-refund of sales tax within 72 hours, the business community should contact him. Earlier, the Finance Advisor inaugurated the first trading day of the week on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.