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The story of a kiln owner

A kiln owner used to drive a cart. Every day a child used to come to him who used to take a kiln from him. Uncle used to give him a kiln. One day a long car came to the kiln owner and ordered him 20 kilns. Given.
The owner of the kiln was very happy and made good kilns. The next day the same car came again and then he ordered 20 kilns. The owner of that car started taking 20 kilns for his children and family every day. The business of the kiln owner is also good. Began to happen.

One day the owner of the kiln was very busy. The same child who used to come every day to make kilns for the owner of the same long car came and said, “Uncle, give me a kiln.” The owner of the kiln said, “Get out of here. . They come again and again to ask for kilns.

The child is gone. The owner of the kiln has been waiting for the kiln. The long car did not come that day. The owner of the kiln did not take notice of the incident of nature. The next day he kept waiting. The long car did not come again. Even though the car did not come, such a week has passed. So far, the owner of the kiln has not understood that it is a matter of nature.
Give the uncle a kiln. The owner of the kiln looked at the child and still did not understand what the matter of nature was. However, he was given a kiln. Here he gave the kiln. After two hours, the long car came. Brother, give me 20 kilns. He quickly built the kiln and the car.
He handed it over to the owner and asked the owner of the car, “Government, where have you been for a week?” The owner said, “This is the way home from my office. There is a petrol pump on the way. From this pump, I refuel the car once.” Garbage got in his petrol so I changed my route from there. Now I go the other way.
And I refuel from another pump but the owner of this pump contacted me and said it is the fault of my employees it will not happen next time. So I forgave him – and took this path back to him. The kiln man went home and kept thinking at night. Then he realized that when he stopped giving the kiln to the child, Allah also threw garbage in the petrol of this long car. And when he began to burn the child
So Allah made the owner of this car apologize to the owner of this pump as if it was his own provision
It was attached to the womb of a child who was neither an employee nor a child nor a knower but a servant of Allah. Then he realized that Allah provides for someone to provide for someone and when we They
If we do not provide sustenance, then Allah withholds our sustenance and we will never know who that servant is.