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The usefulness of winter special juicy fruit canoe

With the onset of winter, canines, rich in vitamins, can be found everywhere in gardens and markets.

This fruit, which is given to human beings by nature every year, is rich in other natural ingredients including vitamin C, the peel of which also has some of the benefits that you may be aware of.

Canoe contains carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, folate, thymine, phosphorus and potassium, which help fight various diseases.

Treatment of numbness of hands and feet

A recent survey of experts found that canoe juice is extremely beneficial for older people who often have numb hands and feet.

Older people are given a glass of cannabis juice daily for three months to solve the problem of numbness in the hands and feet because cannabis juice increases blood volume. Hearing loss of hands and feet is caused by anemia.

Useful for heart diseases

The abundant amount of vitamin C in cannabis protects the arteries of the heart from hardening, which can protect anyone from heart disease.

Useful for blood pressure

Vitamin C thins the blood which restores the flow and also eliminates the disease of low or high blood pressure.

Cancer protection

The antioxidants in canoe protect cells and DNA from damage. It should be noted that bowel cancer is also caused due to their deficiency.

Emission of toxic substances

One glass of orange juice a day removes toxins and waste products from the body.

Useful for blood flow

Canoe use not only thins the blood but also improves its flow.

Blood cell proliferation

Canoe or its juice increases the production of red cells in the human body, which causes new blood to be produced in the body.

Strengthening the immune system

According to experts, vitamin C strengthens and improves the human immune system. Since these vitamins are found in abundance in cannabis, it is necessary to eat a glass of juice or a cannabis daily.

Useful for skin and hair

Adequate amounts of vitamin C not only strengthen the body’s immune system but also help stabilize the amount of certain proteins that are essential for hair and skin.

Canoe is rich in vitamin C and also contains vitamin A which helps maintain hair moisture.

Useful for improving immune function

The various natural ingredients in cannabis such as potassium, vitamin B, antioxidants are very useful for improving mental health and function because potassium increases the blood flow to the brain which increases nerve activity as well as vitamin B. Protects against mental illness due to old age, while the same vitamins protect against mental illness.

Beneficial for pregnant women

Canoe naturally contains vitamin B and folic acid, which are essential for women during pregnancy. It should be noted that folic acid deficiency leads to weight loss in children.

In addition, experts believe that the use of cannabis helps in the health of blood vessels, strengthens the stomach and helps in fighting seasonal diseases.

Note: People with diabetes should use cannabis juice only after consulting their doctor.


Karachi: The 49th martyrdom anniversary of Muhammad Hussain Shaheed, the hero of the 1971 war, is being celebrated today. He is the first soldier to receive the Nishan Haider award.

Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed was born on June 18, 1949 in Dhok Pir Bakhsh near Gujjar Khan in Punjab. At the age of 17, he joined the Pakistan Army as a driver and despite being a driver, took an active part in the 1971 practical war. Taken

In the 1971 war, despite five days of continuous enemy shelling on the battlefields of Zafarwal and Shakargarh in Sialkot, the Pakistan Army destroyed 16 tanks of the Indian Army.

On December 10, at 4 pm, bullets fired from the enemy’s machine gun went into the chest of Sawar Hussain, which also joined the caravan of martyrs. At the time of martyrdom, Sawar Muhammad Hussain was only 22 years and 6 months old.

In recognition of his bravery, the Pakistan Army awarded him the highest military award, Nishan Haider. Sawar Mohammad Hussain was the first soldier to receive the award.


Pakistan: Great News Pak Army’s great honor included in the list of ten powers and armies of the world.

Pakistan Army

New York: The international organization Global Firepower has released a list of the world’s most powerful forces in which the Pakistan Army is ranked 10th.

Global Firepower, a global research organization that analyzes the world’s modern armies and military might, has released a list of 138 countries in terms of military strength in 2021. Estimates of the strengths of these countries are listed. And the supply capacity is based on the country’s natural resources and local industry data.
According to this list, Pakistan is the tenth most powerful country in the world in terms of war. Pakistan has a defense budget of, 12,275,000,000 and a power index of 0.2083. The total number of Pakistani military personnel is 1,204,000 while the total number of aircraft is 1364 and the number of warplanes is 357.
Pakistan has 100 maritime assets. In the Islamic world, Pakistan ranks first, followed by Turkey and Egypt.
The world today appreciates the professionalism of the Pakistan Army, which is why the Pakistan Army has surpassed forces like Israel, Germany and Australia with huge defense budgets.
Global firepower has named the United States the world’s most powerful and largest military, followed by Russia, China and the world’s third-largest military, followed by India, Japan, South Korea and France.


A new history has been made in the world of mountaineering.

According to the details, a team of ten Nepali climbers has achieved the historic feat of climbing the second highest peak in the world at 8611 meters high in the bitter cold of minus 50 degrees Celsius.

For the first time in the history of the world’s second-highest K2, a 10-member Nepali team of Pakistani mountaineers climbed in the winter.

Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his son Sajid Sadpara were also part of the adventure with the K2 head team.

Thirteen of the world’s 14 highest peaks have been climbed in winter, but K2 has been climbed for the first time in winter.

It may be recalled that climbers from Slovenia, Nepal, China and Iceland, including Pakistan, have come to Pakistan this year on a campaign to reach the summit of K2 in winter.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has demanded from the Election Commission to make public the foreign funding investigation.

According to details, while talking to a private TV channel, the Prime Minister revealed that he had received funding offers from two countries.

The countries that made the offer to me can’t even name the countries that offered the funding he said.
The Prime Minister said that PTI was not funded by Cheeniwala Papadwala. There are details of 40,000 people who are funding PTI. Therefore, the foreign funding investigation of PML-N PTIP should be made public. The party should also be investigated. I challenge that these two parties have received huge funding.

He said that the government would ask Broadsheet for complete information as to who was contacting Kaveh Mousavi of Broadsheet and when. A man named Zafar Ali had met me and talked about checking assets lying abroad and He had asked for a percentage in return but did not disclose his affiliation with the broadsheet.
If Kavi Mousavi is making allegations, then give evidence.

The Prime Minister said that he did not know that Ali Zafar belonged to Broadsheet. Billions of rupees had to be paid to Broadsheet for giving NRO. Zardari said in the assembly that Surrey Palace is not mine. Pakistan was supposed to get money from its sale but Pervez Musharraf gave them NRO.

Regarding NRO, he said that they are saying that if the government is to run, then give NRO. They asked me in writing for NRO. There are famous thieves and robbers in the country, he never took it seriously.

The Prime Minister denied seeking the resignation of spokesperson Nadeem Afzal Chan and said that if any minister does not agree with the decision of the cabinet, then he should resign. This is what happens in democratic cabinets all over the world. Did not ask for resignation


Pakistan: WhatsApp should have taken user feedback before formulating new policy.

According to details, Federal Minister for Information Technology Amin-ul-Haq in his statement regarding WhatsApp update policy said that he is aware of the concerns of Pakistani users on WhatsApp update policy. Setting up

The Federal Minister said that the preparation of the Personal Data Protection Bill has accelerated the work on chatting application for government employees and liaison with social media companies. Granted, no company can impose its will on it, which can adversely affect consumer rights.

Amin-ul-Haq said that WhatsApp should have taken the opinion of the user first and the new policy should have been the same for the world, but the new policies will not be applicable in Europe, Brazil and the United States. There are rules.

He said that we have doubled the pace of our work on the Personal Data Protection Bill and in a few days the bill will be sent to the concerned department and presented in the Parliament for legislation.

Amin-ul-Haq further said that the federal cabinet has given the task to the Ministry of IT to create a WhatsApp-style application for government officials and employees which would not only store all the data but also the conversations on it.

The Federal Minister hoped that by June 2021, we will be able to launch an application called Smart Office. This will be on a trial basis. The second application will also be launched for ordinary Pakistani users.


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has announced the good news of e-sports youth game.

According to details, an agreement was reached between Pakistan Science Foundation and Pakistan Sports Board. Fawad Chaudhry, Fehmida Mirza and others attended the ceremony.

Fawad Chaudhry said that the sports sector is a کی 200 billion industry and the number of youth between the ages of 13 and 17 is in the millions.

The Federal Minister said that like PSL, six regions will be created for e-sports. Numerous sports are played in Pakistan. Many of our children have made a name for themselves in these sports. E-sports will give a new opportunity to the youth to make money.

Fawad Chaudhry said that two big canola factories will be set up in the country by April. We are also focusing on video gaming in Lahore and Karachi. Now science and technology are being mentioned everywhere in the country.

On the other hand, Federal Minister Fehmida Mirza said that the e-sports industry in Corona has been booming and Pakistani children have won top prizes in e-sports.

Fehmida Mirza said that we will try to bring every sport in e-sports. We will form teams of different games in all the provinces. Our children should get opportunities in sports in Pakistan.


ISLAMABAD: The government has introduced a new system by cracking down on those who commit fraud in the name of pensioners.

According to details, the circle around ghost pensioners has become narrower, now the government has introduced a new system for obtaining pensions under which biometric verification of all pensioners has been made mandatory.

In this regard, the letter said that the pension will be issued only in the biometric verified accounts. Those who do not get biometric due to disability will have to give a certificate of survival.

According to the document, the pensioners will be given a living certificate by the trustee. In addition, the government has banned the sending of pensions to the joint account.

The document states that pensioners will have to verify in March and October every year that if the pension is not withdrawn for 6 months, the account will become inactive.


BEIJING: Popular social networking app TickTalk has introduced a new policy for users under the age of 18.

The policy, released by TickTalk, states that significant changes have been made to the policy for users 18 years of age or younger.

Under the new changes, accounts for children 18 and under will now be made private instead of public, while video downloads for children under 15 will be eliminated.

According to TuckTalk, children 15 years of age and younger will no longer be able to use the Do It feature, while children between the ages of 16 and 18 will be able to use the feature.
The company said that in order to use this feature, they have to go to their menus and settings and make changes.

The company has stated that the age will be determined on the date of birth entered at the time of account creation. The banned accounts will be notified by notification.

TuckTuck explained that it has made changes to the policy as a precautionary measure so that children can stay securely attached to the platform and parents’ concerns can be allayed.


Amazing benefits of Rock Sugar

Rock sugar

If there is any alternative to sugar, it is Koza Misri. It is exactly the same as sugar in appearance and food. Sugar is made from many chemicals, so excessive use of gin is harmful to health, while Koza Misri is one of the hardest sweet natural herbs.
Rock sugar food has many benefits along with being delicious. In Pakistan, Rock sugar is commonly available at cheap prices. People eat Rock sugar as a dessert but very few people are aware of its usefulness.

Koza Misri health is a treasure of strength. It is useful in many diseases. Misri is used as a fruit in most of the fruits. Most people like the combination of fennel and kuza misri and it is a refreshing digestive system. Proves to be the best for.

Relief from cough and sore throat

Cold weather is accompanied by a number of medical problems, including coughs and sore throats. However, Coza Misri provides immediate relief in many afflictions. Make a paste by mixing Misri in black pepper powder. Use this paste in one spoon at night. Sore throat will disappear. Similarly, one teaspoon of Misri powder and black pepper powder should be swallowed with lukewarm water at night while sleeping. The best treatment

Deficiency of blood

Decreased hemoglobin level in the blood causes anemia, yellowing of the skin, weakness and physical fatigue. not only helps increase hemoglobin levels but also improves blood circulation in the body. Koza misri eating habits relieve anemia in the body and also provide energy to the body.

The smell of breath

Breathing odor is the result of an increase in the amount of bacteria in the gums and gastrointestinal upset, so in such cases, the use of Misri fennel acts as a sleep suppressant. Eating with a little Misri fennel after eating daily removes bad breath Improves digestion and eliminates heartburn and acidity.

Mental strength

Regular use of Rock Sugar improves memory and also relieves mental fatigue. Drinking a spoonful of ground Rock sugar mixed in lukewarm milk every night while sleeping improves memory and improves memory for those who study and those who work hard. This is a great recipe

Sharp eyesight

Rock sugar is no less than a blessing for poor eyesight. It sharpens the eyesight and protects it from pearls. Drinking rock sugar water mixed with water or milk after eating improves eyesight and makes the eyes healthy.

Increase physical energy

It improves the taste in the mouth and increases the physical energy by removing the heaviness after eating.

Blood from the nose

The most important Rock sugar hemorrhage helps to stop the bleeding from the nose immediately after the outbreak. For this, just put pieces of rock sugar in water and wait for it to dissolve to some extent. Then pouring a few drops of water into the nose immediately stops the bleeding.


You already know the many benefits of Rock sugar Now you need to take some precautions. The amount of sweetness in misri is very high, so you should avoid its excessive use, especially diabetics. Be sure to consult your doctor before making it.


TOKYO: The Japanese government plans to suspend the entry of all foreigners into the country in the wake of the continuing spread of the corona virus around the world.

Japan last month blocked all new arrivals after confirmation of a new strain of the deadly corona virus in the UK and other countries, but retained entry to businesses from ten Asian countries and Taiwan.

As a first step in tightening entry restrictions following the declaration of a state of emergency, the Japanese government intends to suspend the entry of all travelers regardless of whether their countries have confirmed the corona virus. ۔

According to sources, no foreigners will be allowed to enter Japan except for those whose relatives have special rites or for special reasons such as the birth of a child.

Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said in a statement last week that he intended to ban travel to or from those countries or territories.
While a new strain of the corona virus has been confirmed, his party and other leaders said the government’s move would be ambiguous.


Lahore: News of removal of national team head coach Misbah-ul-Haq comes to light despite Pakistan Cricket Board’s explanation.

According to details, former Test cricketer and fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has claimed that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided in principle to remove Misbah-ul-Haq from the post of head coach.

The former fast bowler insisted that he be replaced by former Zimbabwean cricketer Andy Flower as the new head coach of the national team.

Rawalpindi Express said that Misbah-ul-Haq’s leave has been decided and Andy Flower is not accepting the post yet as he is the coach of Multan Sultans and wants to do something good with PSL this year.
Shoaib Akhtar said that Andy Flower will join the national team after the sixth edition of Pakistan Super League PSL and he will bring his setup and dismiss the favorite players.

Shoaib Akhtar further said that Waqar Younis is running to save his job, working under Misbah-ul-Haq, the greatest bowler in the history of cricket, but he will still be in need of a job.

It may be recalled that two days ago, the PCB in a statement issued denied such reports and termed them as rumors. The PCB had clarified that the news of Misbah’s resignation was not true.