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Washington: US intelligence report says Pakistan could become the world’s 23rd largest economy by 2040.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the US Intelligence Council has released a report stating that Pakistan’s current GDP rank is 39 and by 2040 it could become the 23rd largest economy in the world.

According to the report, by 2035, Karachi will become the fourth most populous city in the world and between 2030 and 2040, the trend of global economic activity will be towards Asia.

The US Intelligence Council says tensions between the United States and China could escalate, with changes in military power, including a shift in population to technology and governance models.

Earlier, US policymakers had also announced that Pakistan could become a major economy in the next few years.


ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister has taken action to address the grievances of the people regarding relief on Pakistan Citizen Portal.

Citizen Portal

According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the reopening of 155,000 complaints. These complaints were filed between July and December 2012.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, on the instructions of the Prime Minister, the grievances will be opened in stages. Re-opened grievances have been assigned to higher officers for review.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, in the first phase, property, law and order and human rights complaints will be reopened. Federal agencies will review 68,000 complaints from Punjab, 53,000 complaints from KP and 15,000 complaints from Sindh.

PM Imran Khan said that the solution of the problems of the people is the first priority and no negligence should be taken in resolving the grievances.

Prime Minister orders reopening of 155,000 grievances The Prime Minister directed that the grievances of dissatisfied citizens be reopened from July 2020 to December 2020.

It may be recalled that the number of citizens registered on the Pakistan Citizen Portal has reached 2.8 million. 1.5 million citizens expressed their views on the Pakistan Citizen Portal and millions of citizens confirmed receiving relief through the Citizen Portal.


KARACHI: Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has hinted at reopening the Swiss account case.

According to details, while giving a press conference in Karachi, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that the Broadsheet Commission also recommended to open Swiss accounts, now the case of Swiss account will be reopened, the previous government gave ڈالر 60 million on Swiss account issue. Had money

Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan’s prestige, honor and prophethood will be decided in the Assembly. At the same time, he said that Prime Minister Imran had bluntly said that there would be no issue until the withdrawal of Article 370 from India.

In a press conference on the Daska election, Sheikh Rashid said that even if we lose, we will win because Asjad Malhi got more votes than before. We have to accept the decision of democracy. PTI has won even after losing because democracy has won. If they had taken the vote, the election would have been equal.

The Federal Home Minister said that the election of Daska was the first in my life which was held again in fifty days. It should be appreciated that this time a peaceful election was held in Daska.

The Federal Interior Minister said that thank God Allah has given Pakistan a great army. If it were not for this great army, the situation in Yemen, Libya and Iraq would not be less than the federal one. He said that the credit for installing barbed wire and fencing to secure the borders The border with Iran is 42 percent complete. Inshallah, the Afghan border will be completed by June 30.

Sheikh Rashid said that my heart testifies that these people are not going anywhere. They stand with Imran Khan. Usman Bazdar’s fort is strong. Imran Khan stands with them. Imran Khan is fortunate to have an incompetent opposition.

Regarding inflation in the country, he said that Imran Khan is fighting the mafia to control inflation. At present, Imran Khan has challenged all the mafias and he is fighting them.


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ISLAMABAD: The National Command and Control Center (NCCC) has extended the existing ban on corona for three days.

Ncoc Meeting

Important meeting of the NCOC was held under the chairmanship of Federal Minister Asad Omar. The meeting discussed the growing cases of corona across the country and the situation related to the implementation of SOPs. Federal and provincial officials attended the meeting.

The NCOC considered the corona vaccination plan during Ramadan and decided that all decisions made on global epidemic prevention would take effect by April 13, while key decisions on Ramadan would be made on April 12.

He told the participants that a large number of corona vaccines would arrive in Pakistan this month.

That on March 28, the NCOC imposed a complete ban on indoor and outdoor celebrations across the country and said that the decision to ban the celebrations would take effect immediately while indoor outdoor weddings would be banned from April 5. ۔

According to a statement issued by the NCOC, socio-cultural and political sports events will also be banned. The NCOC clarified in its statement that the decisions will be implemented in the high risk districts and cities of Karuna. These decisions will be immediately implemented in the districts.

A tweet from the NCOC on April 6 stated that educational institutions in Corona High Risk districts and cities would remain closed until April 27.

The NCOC said that the ninth to twelfth class classes would resume from April 19. Examinations across the country would start from May 24. The NCOC said that the A and O level examinations would be as per the schedule.


Lahore: Jahangir Tareen appears in FIA in money laundering and banking fraud case.

According to the details, Jahangir Tareen reached the FIA ​​office in the Chinese scandal. The FIA ​​had summoned Jahangir Tareen to investigate the alleged financial fraud of more than Rs 7 billion.

Jahangir Tareen appeared before the FIA ​​along with his company secretary Maqsood Malhi.

The FIA ​​has registered two FIRs against Jahangir Tareen. The FIA ​​had asked five questions to Jahangir Tareen and his son Ali Tareen. However, Jahangir Tareen has been granted bail till April 10.

Earlier, Jahangir Tareen’s son Ali Tareen also appeared before the FIA ​​today where he was questioned for an hour and a half and Ali Tareen submitted documentary answers to 5 questions.

It may be recalled that the State Bank of Pakistan has frozen 36 bank accounts of Jahangir Tareen and his family, including 21 accounts of Ali Tareen, 14 accounts of Jahangir Tareen and one account of his wife. The accounts were frozen at the request of FIA Lahore and There are crores of rupees in these accounts.


LONDON: Prince Camilla Parker, wife of British Prince Charles, wore a headscarf before entering a mosque.

Camilla Parker

International media reports, Camilla Parker, the wife of the British prince, visited the Karuna Vaccination Center at the Islamic Cultural Society Mosque in London and described the arrangements as satisfactory.

Parker wore a headscarf to enter the mosque and took off her shoes before entering. Camilla asked staff about the vaccination and spoke to the vaccinators.

The Camilla participated in the preparation of food packets for homeless children and recorded her impressions in the guest book.

The members of the mosque administration also assisted Camilla Parker in distributing food to the children and told her that the process would continue.


K Electric has made a big claim not to carry out additional load shedding this year.

K Electeric

Speaking at a press conference at K Electric’s Allender office, CEO Monis Alvi said that all the work has been completed on the DA double circuit of 220 KV Jamshoro. Similarly, 70% work of Bin Qasim Power Plant III has been completed.

Chief Marketing Officer Sadia Dada said that the annual demand for electricity increases by seven percent. No additional load shedding will be done during the month of Ramadan and the supply of electricity will continue as per the demand.

Chief Distribution Officer Amir Zia said that even now 75% of K Electric’s feeders out of 1900 are suffering from load shedding which will reach 93% by 2023.

Officials of Electric claimed that the transmission system has been improved and the KE system will be able to withstand up to 400 mm of rain in Karachi in the future.


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has implemented a new system to block stolen and lost phones.

According to details, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has implemented a new system to block stolen and lost phones.

PTA says it has launched a new automated LSDS system for blocking mobiles through which users can apply to prevent possible misuse of mobiles.

The PTA said that LSDS is an automated system connected to the PTA system and the stolen mobile will be blocked within 24 hours after receiving a complaint.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, users can also apply for blocking on the PDA website. After successful registration of the blocking application, a reference number will be provided and users will also be able to block mobile phones if they find a lost phone.


ISLAMABAD: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Pakistan on a two-day visit accompanied by a delegation.

Russia foreign Minister

According to details, Sergei Lavrov arrived in Islamabad. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi warmly welcomed the distinguished guest. Sergei Lavrov will visit the Foreign Ministry tomorrow.

Pak-Russia foreign ministers are meeting with elbows

The Foreign Ministry will hold talks at the level of Pakistani and Russian delegations. Shah Mehmood will lead the Pakistani delegation while Sergei Lavrov will lead the Russian delegation.

Bilateral cooperation in multilateral fields will be discussed during the talks. Issues of mutual interest, including promotion of economic ties, regional and global issues will be discussed.

The Russian Foreign Minister will also hold meetings with Prime Minister Imran Khan and other senior leaders.

It is expected that the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister will help in enhancing and further strengthening the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Russia.