Pakistan Media Development Authority PMDA.

opposition Accompanied has Media worker Protest Against PMDA.


Two points of Pakistan Media Development Authority
1- Media workers will be paid on time.
In the media, especially in electronic media, the big salaries of anchors and big journalists will be paid on time, while the salaries of small workers are low and not paid on time.

  1. Owners and reporting journalists will be responsible for correcting false and baseless news which will appear before a commission.
    Both these proposals are for the betterment of the public and true journalists. It is beyond comprehension why and for whom the journalists’ organizations staged a sit-in on the occasion of the joint sitting of Parliament yesterday. The reason is clear. Those who mislead the government are envelope eaters.
Bhutto grandson skillfull silent on killing journalist Aziz memon.

Implementation of PMDA Bill will close the black money of envelope-eating media prostitutes. It will also close the way for the opposition to come to power.
The sheep that are sitting in the name of freedom of press, not a single one raised their voice in favor of journalist Aziz Memon who was killed in Sindh.

Bhutto’s grandson is also skillfully silent on the killing of journalists in Sindh.

Right now, only the draft of Pakistan Media Development Authority has come. From now on, the cries of envelope-eating media prostitutes and the opposition are echoing to Mars Their stoves will get cold.

As a nation, we, the serious citizens, need to persuade our MNAs to vote in favor of this bill. Rapid development will flourish and real change prosperity will kiss our steps.


World international Democracy Day.

International Democracy day 15 September.

International Democracy Day is being observed all over the world, including Pakistan, to strengthen democratic institutions.
The purpose of celebrating this day is to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of democracy at the global level as well as to take steps to address the elements that are a serious obstacle to the growth of democracy.

Supporting new democracies at the international level and taking steps to promote democracy at the governmental level between countries are also among the objectives of the day.
The Inter-Parliamentary Union celebrates September 15 each year around the world.
The celebration of this day started in 2008. The United Nations General Assembly, in its 62nd session in 2007, adopted a resolution to commemorate this day every year.

On the occasion of this day, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in his message that as the world struggles to recover from the catastrophic 19 and its catastrophic consequences, we must learn from the past 18 months to face future crises. Democratic flexibility must be maintained while learning
Him said that this means identifying and developing good governance practices in emergencies, whether public health, environmental or financial.
But in all democracies, including Pakistan, a commitment is being made to promote people’s rule.


Actress Manal Khan wore a dress worth Rs 1.435 lakh at her wedding.

Manal khan high has expensive wore wedding dress.

Lahore: Actress Manal Khan, who got married, will be amazed to know the value of how many lakhs of dress she wore at her wedding.

Manal khan wedding dress very valued.

Various videos and photos of Manal Khan’s wedding celebrations are going viral on social media and users are also taking great interest in seeing photos and videos of his wedding.

The actress wore a pair of wedding dresses at the barat. The preparation of the pair involves the hard work of 55 people.
William’s pair was made by a well-known clothing brand called Iram Khan Quarter, which is valued at Rs 14.35 lakh.


Well known Lahore novelist researcher and writer Tariq Ismail Sagar has passed away۔

Novelist Writer tariq ismail sagar has passed away.

Well-known Tariq Ismail Sagar was 68 years old. As an author, he wrote 72 books, among which are books like Commando Watan’s Mud Gawah Rahna Wadi Laho Ring.
His writings are full of love for the country and the sacrifices of the Pakistan Army. An anonymous Pakistani soldier endured the hardships of imprisonment in India.

He has also written stories for more than 20 films. He has also been associated with several national newspapers. His novels are among the best-selling books in South Asia. Funeral prayers will be offered later today.


Karachi Aiza Khan crosses another milestone.

Aiza khan crosses another Milestone

After Aiza, the most followed actress on Instagram is Ayman Khan who has 9 million followers while Mahira Khan is at the third position with 7.9 million followers.
Actress Manal Khan is fourth with 7.8 million followers and Sajjal Ali is fifth with 7.2 million followers.

Keep in mind that Aiza Khan is very active on Instagram. She posts pictures and messages of herself and her family on Instagram on a daily basis, due to which the number of her fans is constantly increasing. Aiza Khan is promoting her new projects on social media. She also keeps the fans informed about


Islamabad: In the last three years, Pakistan has achieved a lot on both the internal and external fronts.

President Arif Alvi addressing in Parliament Session last Three years.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was also present in the House during the President’s address during the joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament on the occasion of the beginning of the fourth parliamentary year of the Assembly. And former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi also attended.

Apart from this, Azad Kashmir President Services Chiefs and Ambassadors of different countries and Governors of the four provinces were also present in the guest gallery.

The President said that the country’s remittances reached a record level of 19 19.4 billion. The Pakistan Stock Exchange broke all previous records in terms of better performance and became the fourth best stock market in the world.

He said that ease of doing business in Pakistan has improved by 28 degrees while investor confidence has increased by 60%.

He said the FBR had collected 18 per cent more tax revenue than last year, adding that all the figures showed full confidence in the government from investors and the public.

Arif Alvi said that a special housing scheme was launched to provide shelter to the poor and middle class. As a result of government incentives, projects worth Rs 47 billion have been registered in the construction sector.

He said that due to government initiatives, IT exports have increased by 47% and various programs have been launched in Pakistan to impart skills to the youth.

The President said that so far 1.7 million youth have been imparted vocational training and government performance and achievements cannot be stopped by noise.

During the speech of President Arif Ali, the opposition started making noise and later boycotted and left the House.


Cantonment Board Election PTI took the field, Noon League came second.

Cantonment Board Election PTI Won

According to unofficial results, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) emerged victorious with 60 candidates while PML-N emerged victorious with 60 candidates in 212 wards of 41 cantonment boards. N came second with 59 candidates.

According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, 55 independent candidates won while 17 PPP candidates, 10 MQM candidates, 7 BAP candidates and 2 ANP candidates won.

According to unofficial results, 51 independent 32 candidates of PML-N and 28 candidates of PTI won in Punjab.

In Lahore, PML-N won by a clear majority. Two in cantonment boards of Lahore, PML-N won. In both cantonment boards, PML-N won in 15 out of 19 wards while PTI won only three wards. Independent candidate in one ward. Succeeded

In the election arena on ten wards of Chaklala Cantonment Board Rawalpindi, PML-N won five seats.
The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) won only two of the 10 seats, while the Jamaat-e-Islami won two seats and an independent candidate.

From Sindh, 14 candidates of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and 11 candidates of PPP won while MQM-10, Azad-7, Jamaat-e-Islami-5 and PML-N-3 won.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also won the field of Karachi. A total of 343 candidates were in the fray for the polls, out of which 238 belonged to political and religious parties while 105 candidates contested as independents.
A total of 287 polling stations and 1,115 polling booths were set up for polling.

According to unconfirmed results, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 18 candidates from PTI, five from PML-N, three from PPP and two from ANP won.

From Balochistan 4 independent PTI 3 and BAP 2 candidates won while in Balochistan no candidate of PML-N and PPP could win.

It may be recalled that a total of 1,559 candidates contested in the cantonment board elections yesterday. Number of Highest 180 candidates were fielded by PTI. K74 MQM 42 PSP 35 (Q) League 34 and JUI 25 candidates participated in the election besides 659 independent candidates also participated in the election 1644 polling stations for voting while 5080 polling booths. Made


Emma, 18, of the United Kingdom, made history by winning the US Open.

Emma made history by winning US.

In the final, Emma defeated 19-year-old Leila of Canada in the final, winning all 10 matches, including the qualifier. She became the Grand Slam winner 44 years later.

The final of the last tennis grand slam of the year was played in New York between two young women players, Emma 18, of the United Kingdom, and Laila, 19, of Canada. Emma is also in the second set.
won by a margin of six to three.

Emma became the first Grand Slam qualifier in tennis history to become the first British woman to win a Grand Slam in 44 years.


Important meeting of heads of regional intelligence agencies in Islamabad.

Important meeting of heads regional intelligence agencies held in Islamabad.

The meeting of the heads of regional intelligence agencies in Islamabad, Pakistan is a clear indication of this.

  1. The foreign policy of these countries, especially in the case of Afghanistan, is being decided by consensus.

2- Intelligence sharing will improve the law and order situation at the regional level and will bring stability.

  1. In the near future, the scope of cooperation will be expanded with the participation of more countries.

4- Reconciliation and cooperation between the countries of the region. The balance of power at the international level will be restored to the level of the East. The peace and order situation in the world will improve. Will go God willing


France announces no ties to Taliban government.

France Announces no ties to taliban government.

According to a foreign news agency, the French Foreign Minister has said that the Taliban are lying. France has nothing to do with the new government.

The French Foreign Minister said that it was a lie for foreigners and Afghans to have a free, comprehensive and representative government.
France refuses to recognize any relationship with the government. Action We want from the Taliban and they will need some economic breathing space and international relations, it is up to them.

The French foreign minister will leave for Qatar on Sunday for talks on a future withdrawal from Afghanistan.

France has evacuated about 3,000 people and held technical talks with the Taliban to make their departure possible, but a few French nationals and a few hundred Afghans with ties to France remain in Afghanistan.